Marty wanted to die. He hated his mundane life and planned to kill himself.

The minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years all started to blend into each other.

The idea of death had always excited Marty, and the thought of seeing his blood spraying across the bathroom mirror until he slowly closed his eyes for the final time excited Marty to no end.

Right before killing himself, Marty is visited by Bug. At first, Marty isn’t sure if he’s dreaming, but this nightmare is about to become very real for Marty. The small insect makes a deal with Marty and leads him down a horrifying path that lets Marty live out all of his sickest fantasies – including murder.

The farther Marty ventures down the rabbit hole, the more it becomes impossible for Marty to escape the temptations from Bug.

Bug is a blood-soaked horror novella that will leave you questioning where it all went wrong for Marty.

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